(= Pieces of Uncooked Fresh Tomato)

Ingredients for enough Poverella to use on approx. 5 bruschetta:5 bread4 ripe tomatoes1 garlic15 basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil oregano salt

Chop 4 large firm and ripe tomatoes and let their liquid drain off. In a bowl mix the pieces of tomato with a finely chopped clove of garlic, about 10 fresh basil leaves torn into pieces by hand, a pinch of salt and a pinch of oregano. Leave to rest for about half an hour. Then drain off the water produced by the tomatoes. Dress with plenty of extra virgin olive oil (at least 2 tablespoons for each bruschetta), and another pinch of salt (tasting first to see if it is actually needed.

“La Poverella” isn’t just an appetizer nor simply a sauce – it is both things and can be used in numerous ways. Other than bruschetta and every kind of pasta, it can be used on pizza, in focaccia and panini (it’s an excellent substitute for tomato passata or preserved peeled tomatoes). Mix it with raw vegetables and mozzarella (or other cheeses), with tuna or with cold meat for a main course salad. It’s delicious with boiled vegetables and adds flavour to minestrone and other vegetable soups. We use it to dress pasta, also combined with other sauces, in particular pesto. When using it on pasta, according to taste, you can add a final sprinkling of grated Parmigiano or pecorino cheese (or both). For those who love chilli pepper (or black pepper), go ahead and add as much as you like, for a perfect finishing touch.