Sformatini di ricotta e olive

(= Ricotta and Olive Flans)

Recommended wine: Bianco Valdichiana Toscana D.O.C.
Ingredients for 6 people:6 small cake moulds (4 cm deep, 8 cm in diameter)200 g sheep’s milk ricotta1 tbsp capers preserved in vinegar4 tbsp pitted green olives4 eggs3 tbsp breadcrumbs1 tbsp pecorino cheese30 g butter1 sprig of parsley salt and pepper

Quickly rinse the capers under running water, pat them dry with kitchen paper and chop them finely together with the olives and parsley. Put the ricotta, egg yolks, grated pecorino, and some salt and pepper in a large bowl, and mix them all together. In another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. Then delicately incorporate them, a little at a time, into the mixture in the first bowl, stirring from bottom to top. Grease the 6 little moulds with butter and sprinkle them with breadcrumbs. Pour some of the mixture into each one, filling them up to a centimetre from the top. Cook them in a bain-marie* in a preheated oven, at 170 °C, for roughly 20 minutes. When cooked, open the oven but don’t take the flans out straight away: they would sink too much, due to the difference in temperature . They will sink a little in any case, it’s normal, but in this way they'll remain soft inside. Remove them from the moulds by running a knife around them, and serve them warm, but not boiling hot.

Put about a centimetre of water in the bottom of an oven dish, arrange the moulds in it and put it in the oven.