What we do
Today at La Vialla’s olive mill, extra virgin olive oil with rosemary
Today in the winery, pressing the dried grapes for Vin Santo
Today, lasagne with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes
Today for lunch at La Vialla pork in apple sauce with raisins
Choosing the red grapes for the Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice
Photos of the Grape Festival 2021
The 2021 Grape Festival
We start working on the land to be sown
Today we’re working with the CREA research institute, to reduce copper in the vineyards
On the table today, Bell Pepper Timballo filled with Penne with Peperotta
Harvesting in La Vialla’s biodynamic vegetable patch
Today we are with Carlo for a mid-August check on La Vialla’s olive groves and vineyards
Today at La Vialla, Ricciole with Parmigianina
We visit the flock of sheep in the pastures at Casa Conforto
The wheat threshing festival through the eyes of photographer Roman Raacke
The wheat threshing festival
Today for lunch at La Vialla, bread gnocchi with anchovies and cherry tomatoes
In La Casotta vineyard with new environmentally friendly equipment
In the vegetable patch at La Vialla today we transplant parsley
In La Vialla di Sotto olive grove for the pre-flowering inspection
Today we visit La Casotta vineyard for the green pruning
Today at La Vialla Stefania prepares a savoury tart with pesto and ricotta
Today we visit La Vialla’s young Valdarno breed chickens
Mundus Vini Biofach 2021: Video of the award ceremony
Red carpet at the Fattoria - Mundus Vini Biofach 2021 award ceremony
Graham Candy's La Vialla Music Writing Camp 2019 by Crazy Planet Records
Today at La Vialla, Carciofina croquettes for lunch
At Ca’ dell’Oro farmstead, renovating ancient terracing
The Chianti vineyard at Casa Conforto.
Today at La Vialla we make ricotta “gnudi” dressed with sage butter.
Today we’re making La Vialla’s typical pizza with pecorino
"La Vialla's Easter eggs"
Today at La Vialla’s Museum, some old farming tales from Giancarlo
“La Grillaia”, a new olive grove at La Vialla 3 years after planting
Today in La Vialla’s highest vineyard at Spedale farmstead
Today at La Vialla, Valentina’s seasonal oven baked rigatoni
Winter pruning in La Vialla’s strawberry patch
Today we’re in the olive grove at La Vialla to break up the ground
Today winter pruning in La Casotta vineyard at La Vialla
Today Erika prepares a savoury flan with Tuscan kale and new olive oil
"2020 a La Vialla"
Today at La Vialla Stefania prepares Giuliana’s sweet almond focaccia
In the olive mill at La Vialla with Andrea for a quality check
In the barn at La Vialla, the first newborn of the season
At La Vialla’s olive mill, making oil with basil
In the kitchen at La Vialla, wild boar stew with Sugo Finto
Today at La Vialla, picking olives at La Scampata farmstead
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles: October 1st 2020, the Viallini at the award ceremony in Rome
Today we pick Sangiovese grapes
Today at La Vialla Stefania prepares a savoury tart with peppers
Harvesting the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes at Castelvecchio
Today in Il Ronco vineyard we pick white Chardonnay grapes
"Summer 2020 at La Vialla"
Today on La Vialla’s table, Ricciole with grapes
Today in the workshop at La Vialla, “Piccantissima” sauce
In the vegetable garden at La Vialla, today we’re picking the aubergines
Today with Andrea in the olive grove at La Vialla, monitoring the trees’ health
Today at La Vialla Carmela prepares a recipe with Piccantissima sauce
Reducing copper in La Vialla’s biodynamic vineyards
Today at La Vialla we spray the “Horn Silica” biodynamic preparation
Lasagna with Basil Pesto and Pomarola
Today various tasks in La Vialla’s biodynamic vegetable patch
Reducing copper in La Vialla’s biodynamic vineyards – today with CREA
Today we use innovative equipment in La Vialla’s vineyard
Today at La Vialla, aubergine “accordions”
Today we make the horn silica biodynamic preparation or 501
Today for lunch for the Viallini, homemade gnocchi
Green pruning of the new shoots
Today we check the biodynamic compost heaps
Today at La Lignana we prepare stewed lamb in red wine
Today we build shelters to create shade
Today we are at Cortona in La Vialla’s Syrah vineyard
Savoury Tart with Ribollita and Tuscan Kale Crisps
Mundus Vini Biofach 2020: Video of the award ceremony
Mundus Vini Biofach 2020: February 13th 2020, the Viallini at the award ceremony in Nuremberg
Today we plant “aglione” in La Vialla’s vegetable patch
Today in La Vialla di Sopra olive grove doing winter tasks
Today, winter pruning on the terracing at Casa Rossa
Pasta Bake with Salsa Etrusca
Today at La Vialla, preparing and spraying biodynamic preparation '500'
Today at La Vialla, maintenance of the vineyard trellising
Vertical wine tasting of Casal Duro with expert Götz Drewitz
Today La Vialla’s Carabaccia with Vino Novo
At La Vialla’s barn and dairy during the holiday season
Zuccotto with Luigina
On the farm, Fattoria... La Vialla E-I-E-I-O
Alceo evaluates the ripeness of the olives for extra virgin olive oil
In the olive mill, calibrating the temperature while making oil
Photos of the Grape Festival
The new families of Valdarnese chickens born during the summer
Today we make cannelloni with Tuscan ragu and hazelnuts
Today we choose Sangiovese for Vin Santo “Occhio di Pernice”
Today at La Vialla, peppers filled with pasta
A 'filmino' (= little film) of the wonderful afternoon and evening in the vineyard
Photos of the Grape Festival
Today at the museum, grape roll for dessert
Last harvest in the vegetable patch for bombolino sauce without skins
Today, August 29th, we harvest grapes
Checking the olive groves
In the vegetable patch, harvesting basil for the pesto
Today Aubergine Parmigiana reinterpreted by Luigina
Celebrating the Haystack
La Vialla Song & Music Writing Camp by Crazy Planet Records
10 Musicians at the Fattoria: Concert and Writing Camp October 2018
An anthem for La Vialla
Today Panzanella, a traditional all-in-one meal with what’s in the vegetable patch
Today in the vegetable patch we plant the last crop, the hot chilli peppers
Today we evaluate the young fruit in the vineyard and olive grove
Today we make timbale with zucchini and Rosalina
The vineyard at La Casotta, experimenting half the amount of copper
Today we plant vegetables in the field behind Casa Conforto
Green pruning at La Casotta farmstead
After six months the biodynamic preparation is dug up
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Award ceremony at the Grand International Wine Award @ProWein, Dusseldorf (Germany), March 17th 2019
At the Museum in the Landowner’s Room
In the dairy, from curds to drying-out
Today in the vineyard at Spedale using an innovative tying method
Today spring roulades with asparagus
Today in the olive grove two types of pruning for olive trees
In the barrique cellar the barrels are filled with 2018’s wines
Maintenance at Casale Farmstead
Nothing is thrown away from the kitchen - La Ribollita
At the Museum, in the grandparents bedroom
Mundus Vini Biofach 2019: Video of the award ceremony
The Viallini at the Mundus Vini Biofach 2019 Producer of the Year International and Best Sweet Wine
Soil assessment with the Spade test
Two kinds of pruning at Casa Conforto
Today Strozzapreti with Tuscan Kale Pesto
What’s on the menu today at La Lignana?
Hamburg Aimate Week 2018-Speech by Gianni and Antonio Lo Franco
Summer 2018 at the Fattoria
A surpride for Marco, the aenologist: the 100/100 score awarded by the panel chair judge at the IWSC 2018
The grand table celebrating 40 years of La Vialla, 1978-2018
Spring greetings from the farm
Award ceremony for "Producer of the Year 2018" at the Mundus Vini Biofach, Nuremberg
The Vino Nuovo and Olio Novo have arrived!
La Vialla's Christmas Menu
Video: In the bajery, Francesco prepares the Viallina Biscuit House
IWSC London 2017: Video of the award ceremony
Recipe: La Vialla made of Cantucci bricks and Stracci tiles
Autumn has arrived at the Fattoria
IWSC London 2017: Video of the award ceremony
Video of the ceremony and laudation
B.A.U.M. Environmental Award 2017, Frankfurt am Main
Francesco prepares the Easter dive-shaped cake
Video of the ceremony and laudation
Small photo album 2016: Moments from a year at the Fattoria
Mundus Vini Biofach 2017: The Viallini at the Award Ceremony
"Slightly" out tune but from the heart ...Merry Christmas from the whole "Banda" of La Vialla
The Panettone à la Francesco
Fattoria La Vialla is "Italian Wine Producer of the Year 2016" at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, London
Official viceo of the IWSC awarda banquet, November 16th, 2016, London
End of October: harvest and lunch with friends in the Ca' dell'Oro alive grove!
A great celebration in the vineyard at casotta farmstead
September 28th 2016: La Vialla in the Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg
"May in the strawberry patch: harvest and happy hour with the guests"
A "Little Big" keepsake of the concert held on july 8th 2015
"Mundus Vini Biofach 2016: The Viallini at the Award Ceremony" (video by Felicitas Umlauf)
"Vin Santo: from grapes to Grand Gold at the Mundus Vini Biofach 2016"
Francesco's chocolate salami
A star in the sky at La Vialla Grape Festival 2015 (Video by Felicitas Umlauf)
Celebrations for "40 years of La Vialla" at the Fattoria
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Holidays at La Vialla
La Vialla and nature
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Fattoria La Vialla’s Gift Ideas

Fattoria La Vialla produces typical Italian specialities, in an artisan manner and according to organic and biodynamic farming methods. For almost 30 years, it has been delivering its wine and food directly to households, in boxes, gift packs and hampers for gift ideas. The idea actually came from guests who stayed at the Fattoria. When they returned home, they wanted to receive the delicacies they had tasted on holiday or give them to friends. So the Viallini equipped themselves, initially using small vans to deliver the produce themselves.

gift ideas

The products found in the gift packs

Wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, balsamic vinegars, pasta and sauces, appetizers and vegetable preserves, biscuits and traditional Tuscan sweet delicaces, all homemade in La Vialla’s workshops (with the rare exceptions of the cold cuts and balsamic vinegar of Modena). Choosing one of the Fattoria’s gift hampers, besides being a guarantee of quality and taste, means directly knowing the producer and being able to present the reality behind the products to your recipient: what it means to contribute, together, to improving soil fertility and the quality of fruits, through organic-biodynamic agriculture (and how it differs from using agro-chemicals); details of how things are produced in each sector, from the winery to the olive mill, the dairy, the sauce kitchen, the flour mill, the bakery; understanding the differences and characteristics of every single ingredient, and knowing how each speciality is created, from the field to the bottle, jar or bag.

Francesca with a gift hamper
Francesca with a gift hamper

The Fattoria’s production methods not only respect the soil and the authenticity of flavours, they also pay great attention to the wellbeing of the staff (affectionately known as “Viallini”), starting with safeguarding a healthy and homely environment, with typical architectural character.

Each gift pack comes with a booklet on how to get the best out of the products, with recipes and details about the produce, where they are made and the world of the Fattoria in general.


How to choose the gift ideas, buy them and send them to your recipients

At La Vialla we don’t propose categories of gifts for specific occasions, as they do in shops or supermarkets. There are no “gift ideas for men”, “gift ideas for women”, “gift ideas for mother’s day, father’s day”, “birthday gifts” or other such clichés. It’s up to the client to choose the occasion, the products in the gift pack then have the task of “fare bella figura” (= making a good impression).

“The Big Basket”
“The Big Basket”

They are culinary gift ideas that give your family, friends and anyone you know the possibility of tasting typical products that would be hard to find close to home. In fact, Fattoria La Vialla’s products aren’t sold in any shops, they can only be ordered through the catalogue or on the website. The gift packs are studied so you can try the new wine vintages, or send a “gourmet greeting” to a distant friend. There are many different assortments containing wine, olive oil, pecorino cheese and even cold cuts (always from organic agriculture) at some times of year. For the most important festivities, Christmas for example, we produce a number of typical specialities such as Panettone (a soft leavened cake with raisins and candied peel, all certified organic) or sweet, chocolate-covered delights, the Stracci and Brutti ma Buoni.

Some of them are unusual gift ideas, real local specialities – produced in a limited number in La Vialla’s bakery – such as the Panforti or Panpepato that originate from Siena.

Christmas gift ideas from Tuscany

All the hampers are beautifully gift packed by hand, with a colourful box and a great big bow. The packaging used is recycled and recyclable; the majority consists of paper, cardboard and glass. All year round there is a selection of gift packs known as “ The Classics”, with the main specialities in combinations that vary according to the season. In the period leading up to the festive season – in particular Christmas – the selection increases significantly and, alongside The Classics, you can find Christmas gift ideas.

gift packed

There are lots of festive gift ideas, with still and sparkling wines, olive oil, cheese, cold cuts, sweet delicacies and typical specialities from that time of year. The cured meats are real specialities of our Tuscan pork butchery. Finocchiona, Salami, Sausages, Spicy Salami, Capocollo – certified organic from breeding to production (in this way respect for the animals is guaranteed throughout their lifecycle, such as the absence of pesticides, hormones and other things that are allowed in conventional agriculture). These gift packs contain many products that cannot be found during the rest of the year. Small “limited editions” from Fattoria La Vialla, such as the Magnum bottles, 1.5 litres, of some wines (for example Chianti Riserva); special little pecorino cheeses, also with pepper or herbs; typical sweets such as Cantucci, Brutti ma Buoni, Panforti, Panettone, Panpepato, Chocolate Salami and Chocolate Truffles.

It’s easy to get your bearings because the various gift packs, containing different assortments, are simply listed according to their price (from lowest to highest). To send them to your recipients all you have to do is give us the delivery address and useful contact info (via e-mail, telephone or website), and decide whether or not you want to add a personalised greetings card. La Vialla guarantees the products, the delivery and the privacy of all personal data. The gift packs are good value because there are no middle-men: Fattoria La Vialla – the producer – delivers directly to its clients. The prices are advantageous thanks to this system, going directly from producer to client.

An example of our gift ideas
An example of our gift ideas