OliPhenolia products for hair

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OliPhenolia products for hair

Hair care
Shampoo(with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)Bottle of 200 ml
Bottle of 200 ml
16.75 x 1= £16.75
16.75 x 1= £ 16.75
Hair Tonic(with OliPhenolia)Bottle of 50 ml
Bottle of 50 ml
14.85 x 1= £14.85
14.85 x 1= £ 14.85

The hair care products are principally composed of raw materials that come from olives, from Fattoria La Vialla, cultivated using biodynamic agriculture. In fact, the Shampoo contains over 61% of Demeter certified “Viallino” ingredients, while the Hair Tonic, which is effective in protecting the scalp and especially in combatting and preventing hair loss, contains over 82%!
The OliPhenolia contained in these natural products sooths stressed and irritated skin and reduces the formation of dandruff. The other valuable ingredients, which do not come from La Vialla, are in any case from biodynamic agriculture or have been approved by the stringent Demeter standards.

The Shampoo and Hair Tonic have been clinically tested and have the following effects/properties:

  • improvement of the general condition of the hair and the scalp
  • improvement of terminal hair density
  • improvement of hair thickness
  • improvement of shine
  • reduction of dandruff
  • antioxidant and therefore cell-protective
  • increase in release of the essential growth factor IGF-1
  • skin-neutral pH

They do not contain preservatives (in accordance with the EC Regulation on cosmetic products), colouring agents, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate or silicone.
All the products obtained the highest score in tests carried out by Dermatest laboratories and are certified with the Excellent 5-star seal.