OliPhenolia organic cosmetics for the skin

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OliPhenolia organic cosmetics for the skin

Fattoria La Vialla’s natural cosmetics with OliPhenolia have been developed by the laboratories of RSC Pharma to offer all skin types, even the most sensitive, treatment that is both wholesome and highly effective. Natural ingredients, from raw materials that are produced at Fattoria La Vialla and Demeter certified, go to make up over 90% of the Intensive serum (which is also allergen free), over 70% of the Face Cream, Body Balsam, Hand Cream and SOS Spray, and over 65% of the Intensive Purifying Gel Face Wash and Delicate Gel Face Wash.

The four properties*:

Clinical trials, carried out by the specialised Dermatest laboratories, assessed the effects on volunteers and awarded the Excellent 5-star quality rating.
SKIN CARE: the Viallino Creams, Serum and Gels reduce wrinkles by as much as 25% and improve skin hydration (some by over 50%).
HAIR CARE: the Shampoo and Tonic stimulate the growth of hair root cells and have an antioxidant effect. Dermatest clinical trials have confirmed improvements in the general conditions of the hair and scalp (both over 25%) as well as in hair density (+15%), thickness (+8%) and shine (+20%).

Skin care: the Intensive Purifying Gel Face Wash reduces blackheads (-21%), papules (-21%), pustules (-17%), as well as skin lipids by as much as 71%.
Hair care: clinical trials have also demonstrated an effective anti dandruff action.

Skin care
SOS Spray(soothing - refreshing - deodorising, with OliPhenolia)Bottle of 50 ml
Bottle of 50 ml
12.45 x 1= £12.45
12.45 x 1= £ 12.45
Intensive Purifying Gel Face Wash(with OliPhenolia)Jar of 100 ml
Jar of 100 ml
15.35 x 1= £15.35
15.35 x 1= £ 15.35
Delicate Gel Face Wash(with OliPhenolia)Bottle of 100 ml
Bottle of 100 ml
12.20 x 1= £12.20
12.20 x 1= £ 12.20
Intensive Serum(in particular for the face, with OliPhenolia)Bottle of 20 ml
Bottle of 20 ml
24.60 x 1= £24.60
24.60 x 1= £ 24.60
Face Cream(with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)Jar of 50 ml
Jar of 50 ml
22.60 x 1= £22.60
22.60 x 1= £ 22.60
Hand Cream(with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)Jar of 75 ml
Jar of 75 ml
9.60 x 1= £9.60
9.60 x 1= £ 9.60
Body Balsam(with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)Jar of 200 ml
Jar of 200 ml
21.50 x 1= £21.50
21.50 x 1= £ 21.50
£ 44.10

The characteristics:

Ingredients made with raw materials from biodynamic agriculture, produced at Fattoria La Vialla and Demeter certified, make up from 70% to over 90% (in the Intensive Serum) of the cosmetics. The other ingredients are Demeter certified or allowed by Demeter standards.

They do not contain parabens, PEGs, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, silicone, colouring agents or preservatives (in accordance with the EC Regulation on cosmetic products).

They do not contain ingredients of animal origin (the only exception is the Hand Cream, which contains a little beeswax).

All the products have been clinically tested by the dermatest laboratories and have obtained the highest certification: Excellent 5-star.

"OliPhenolia®„ was Runner-up in the Sustainable Ingredient category at the international Sustainable Beauty Awards 2022.
Fattoria La Vialla was finalist in three out of the competition’s five categories, among approximately a hundred participants from all over the world.

*These actions of the polyphenols contained in "OliPhenolia®„ are demonstrated in a study carried out by RSC Pharma, also published in the scientific journal Cosmetics (impact factor 2.90)