OliPhenolia cosmetics for children and for very sensitive skin

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OliPhenolia cosmetics for children and for very sensitive skin

Olive Salve(intensive protection for dry skin patches, with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)

Jar of 25 ml
Jar of 25 ml
12.10 x 1= £12.10
12.10 x 1= £ 12.10
Nourishing Cream(rich, protective for face & body, with OliPhenolia and extra virgin olive oil)

Jar of 100 ml
Jar of 100 ml
16.40 x 1= £16.40
16.40 x 1= £ 16.40

The thin, sensitive skin of children needs special care and attention. This is why, continuing in our collaboration with RSC Pharma, the Olive Salve and Nourishing Cream were developed, thinking in particular of small children but also of adults with very sensitive, delicate skin, which requires in-depth moisturising. The Nourishing Cream is also allergen free and certified by daab (the German allergy and asthma association). The raw materials from olives cultivated at Fattoria La Vialla, using biodynamic agriculture, are Demeter certified and make up over 81% of the Olive Salve and over 66% of the Nourishing Cream. Both of the products are also suitable for babies and the Nourishing Cream is ideal for the skin of those who suffer from allergies. They are particularly neutral and pleasant to use, also thanks to the extremely gentle formulations.
The other ingredients, which don’t come from Fattoria La Vialla’s olives, are valuable components for a healthy skin and are all certified and/or approved by the stringent Demeter standards.

OliPhenolia has the following, clinically tested, skin-related effects/properties:

  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • skin-neutral pH

The products do not contain preservatives (in accordance with the EC Regulation on cosmetic products), colouring agents, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate or silicone.
They obtained the highest score in tests carried out by Dermatest laboratories and are certified with the Excellent 5-star seal.