Stinco di cinta senese al finocchio

(= Shank of Cinta Senese Pork with Fennel)

Recommended wine: LeccioMoro Montecucco D.O.C.
Ingredients for 1 person:1 pork shank (approx. 700g)4 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil2 cloves of garlic1 sprig of rosemary1 sprig of sage2 pinches of dried fennel (or fennel seeds) salt and pepper

Get your butcher to divide the shank in two for you. Season the pieces by rolling them in coarsely chopped rosemary, fennel and sage, mixed with salt and pepper (to taste). Put them in a baking pan with the oil and peeled cloves of garlic, and cook at 200 °C for roughly 50 minutes, turning the pieces of shank over from time to time and basting them with the sauce that forms in the pan.

Remove from the oven and serve them nice and hot… buon appetito!