Sensory Images of Casal Duro

The Casal Duro 2010 not only received a Grand Gold Medal Awardby achieving 96/100 at the Internationaler Bioweinpreis Wine System 2014 Competition (plus three Gold Medals at the Mundus Vini Competition for the 2009/2010/2011 vintages), but also had a very unusual item dedicated to it; a painting that depicts the wine’s personality, painted by the ‘Weinsensorik’ (wine sensory) expert, Martin Darting, who has developed a true art with this technique:

The following, taken from Martin Darting’s website, gives some more indepth information about the technique:

Sensorial wine picture

We present a new and successful method to describe wines universally so that we can guarantee a recognition-rate of approximately 80%. In order to produce a wine picture we have to connect different sensual-capacities with specific forms and colours.

The sensorial wine picture represents the dynamic interactions of individual sensorially effective wine substance groups and is based on their primary effects on the different sensory-receptors. The sensorial wine picture is no subjective interpretation of a wine, but utilizes the objectifiable perception of sensorial modalities (sweetness, acidity, etc.) to reach a high rate of recognition. A sensorial wine picture can only be manufactured if the product, which will be visualised, has been realised and understood. How does acidity or alcohol appear in the mouth? Which aromas exist? Which haptic, tactile effects arise in the mouth and nose?

The foundation for an appropriate term is the conscious emphasis of the irritant-reception and irritant-processing. The dynamic effect of the ingredients, particularly their variation and interaction within a specific time frame is an important parameter. Any emphasis, which is caused by (wine-) substances/ingredients, can be matched with according colour- and form-combinations.