(extra dry semi-sparkling wine, 100% Pinot Nero)Sold Out
Box with 6 bottles of 0.75 l
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Box with 6 bottles of 0.75 l
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Mussantino Selvatico, Metodo Ancestrale 2021

(extra dry semi-sparkling wine, 100% Pinot Nero)

Grape blend: 100% Pinot Nero
Alcohol content: 13 % vol
Acidity: 6.70 g/l
Residual sugars: 6.70 g/l

It owes the adjective “selvatico” (= wild) to the “Metodo Ancestrale” (= Ancestral Method) used to make it, which doesn’t foresee the addition of extraneous sugars; the process helps to maximise the wine’s characteristic freshness and primary aromas. All the Pinot Nero grapes benefitted from a great season: the alcohol content, acidity and health of the bunches were all excellent and, together with the marked temperature variations between day and night, they favoured the development of fresh, fruity aromas. Vinification of the Pinot Nero “in white” is carried out very delicately, so that the must isn’t coloured by the grape skins. Despite this, the Mussantino Selvatico is characterised by a very slight pinkish hue. At the right moment during fermentation – in the same pressurised tank – the “hatches” are closed to obtain the formation of the fine little bubbles that distinguish this delicate, fragrant semi-sparkling wine. The total absence of extraneous sugars makes Mussantino Selvatico a “whole” wine, with a very low level of SO2.

TastingColour: a characteristic “pinkish” shade, not very intense. The nose: elegant floral notes, from daisy to jasmine, with hints of banana. In the mouth: effervescent, but not as much as a “spumante”, with remarkable drinkability and freshness.

Wine and Food Pairing – It’s delicious for an aperitif and “beyond”… with appetizers – onion frittata, savoury pancakes, cold cuts, crostini – meat or fish carpaccio, rice or pasta dishes with simple sauces.

Mussantino Selvatico, Metodo Ancestrale 2021