Faraona al forno con pere e patate

(= Oven-cooked Guinea Fowl with Pears and Potatoes)

Recommended wine: L'Abbandonato Montecucco Sangiovese D.O.C.G.
Ingredients for 4 people: 1 guinea fowl pear3 potato1-2 rosemary garlic8 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil salt

Pass the guinea fowl over a flame to scorch any remaining feathers, and then pull them off easily with the help of a small knife. Wash the bird, cut it into pieces and place them in a baking pan. Wash and peel the potatoes, cut them into wedges or large cubes, and put them in the pan with the pieces of guinea fowl. Carefully wash the pears, remove top and bottom, core them, cut them into large pieces (without peeling) and put them into the pan as well. Season with salt and pepper, add the thinly sliced garlic and, after washing, patting dry and breaking them into pieces, the sprigs of rosemary. Drizzle the oil over everything and mix well. Cook in a preheated oven, at 180 °C, for approximately half an hour; half way through, take the pan out of the oven and turn the pieces of meat over so they cook evenly. Serve the guinea fowl with the pieces of potato and pear and… buon appetito!