Ravioli ripieni con Cipollina e pecorino ai funghi porcini e nocciole

(= Cipollina and Pecorino Stuffed Ravioli with Porcini Mushrooms and Hazelnuts)

Recommended wine: Sangiovese 100% I.G.T.
Ingredients for 4 people (approx. 30 ravioli):600 g flour (plus a few handfuls for rolling out the dough)6 eggs1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil salt1 jar Cipollina (280 g) 100 g fresh pecorino cheese500 g porcini mushrooms150 g chopped hazelnuts4 sun-dried cherry tomatoes2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 clove of garlic parsley

First of all prepare the pasta: pile the flour up on your work surface and make a “well” in the middle; break the eggs into it, add the oil and a pinch of salt. Beat the eggs and the oil delicately with a fork, take the flour from the edges and move it towards the centre, a little at a time, as you continue mixing. When the dough has become fairly firm, begin to knead it with your hands so that the eggs absorb all the flour, continue until a smooth, compact ball forms. Break off a piece of dough and roll it out – using a rolling pin and a little flour so that it doesn’t stick – until you have a sheet of pasta approximately 2 mm thick. Cut it into strips roughly 14 cm wide; you can lay the rolling pin on the sheet of pasta and use it like a “ruler”. Mix the Cipollina and grated pecorino together in a bowl and, using two teaspoons, place small heaps of the mixture, 3-4 cm apart, along the rectangles of pasta. To cover the filling, fold each strip over lengthways on top of itself. Flatten slightly with your fingers and then, with the side of your hand, begin to shape the ravioli while pressing lightly on the pasta so that all the air escapes (in this way they won’t open up during cooking). Cut the ravioli with a pasta wheel and carry on in the same way until you have used all the ingredients. Leave to rest for about half an hour.

In the meanwhile clean the porcini mushrooms, eliminate the bottom of the stalk, the “root”, delicately wipe them with a damp cloth and then cut them into pieces. In a large, heavy-bottomed frying pan (it will have to contain the ravioli as well) sauté the pieces of mushroom with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the peeled garlic for 5-10 minutes. Just before you turn off the heat, add ? of the hazelnuts and the parsley (previously washed, dried and finely chopped).

Cook the ravioli in plenty of boiling, salted water and as soon as they rise to the surface remove them delicately, if possible using a perforated spoon, and put them in the frying pan with the mushrooms. Stir to combine everything, adding the remaining hazelnuts and the sun-dried tomatoes cut into strips. For the final touch – “optional” but without a doubt very suitable – a good sprinkling of grated pecorino and then serve immediately!